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They say the best view comes after the hardest climb. Well, the view cannot be promised but the climb needn’t be all that hard. That can happen only if you plan smart. We don’t want you to be the beast of burden when traveling. Whatever kind of a trip it may be, here is a list of travel accessories that will reduce the baggage of the term “luggage” and make your travel a comfortable, happy one.
Here’s what we think you should have in your travel checklist.

1. Leak-proof containers – For all those lotions and potions. Serves as toiletries and cosmetics holders.

2. Travel Bottles- Store the liquids and get moving

3. Innerwear organizer – Laundry and lingerie here, please!

4. Jewelry/Make Up Organizer- Ladies, grooming needn’t be all that difficult while on travel

5. Travel Case & Passport holder – The haven for all your important documents-passports, credit cards and ID cards. Yeah, we heard you, AADHAR too! You can also pick from a travel wallet which can double up as a cash machine and a document holder.

6. Sleeping pillow- Who said only insomniacs or those hardworking techies need them. Travel calls for a relaxed sleep. Get those fancy pillows and sleep like a baby.

7. Anti-theft digital luggage locker- Safety first! Password lock for your bag is a must to keep thugs and thefts at bay.

8. Emergency First Aid Bag- Unless you love running around and asking confused onlookers on the nearest pharmacy, we strongly recommend you carry those emergency care and miracle pills in a bag of its own.

9. Gadgets and tech accessories protectors- We know you will carry the tech gears but don’t forget to protect them. Earphones, USB protectors and universal all in one travel adapter to enjoy that favorite game, TV series or music for longer hours.

10. Large Capacity luggage organizer- Whether it’s a waterproof duffle bag or a collapsible portable travel bag, get your luggage sorted with these.

11. Maternity Nappy Bag- Mothers out there we hear you! You need to have your little backpack albeit with milk bottles, nappy and all those things that your little one needs. Do not mix the family belongings with baby care. It just makes travel messy.

Now that we got your travel checklist covered, do we see you strutting your stuff around the globe like no one else can? We are curious. Share your travel stories with us.

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