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Trip Objects

They say experience is the best teacher in life. A life well-travelled is a life well experienced.Every destination offers a souvenir to carry back home- the treasure trove of all those beautiful memories that linger on. You surely want them to be treasured safely, isn’t it?

Today world travel has become so pervasive and accessible in its nature that it cuts across different lifestyle, income, gender and age groups. While men and women on business prefer sleek and sophistication as their style, there are the younger hippies who prefer Bohemian, quirk and tech influence in the things they like to carry. Another interesting trend is of new mothers not letting motherhood hold them back in any way. So what do you pack and where do you store those precious little things while on travel?
Below is a list of few travel accessories that we think are absolute must haves for every person who is smitten and bitten by the travel bug. These accessories not only help you travel safe but are smart accessories that are high on their multi-utility.

1. Packing Organizers – This one is as essential as your flight ticket! Be it the basic essentials like your toiletries and laundry to high end cosmetics and jewelry or even packing for weekend activities, packing organizers are a panacea to all your packing woes. Save on space, compartmentalized areas to store all those minute things that matter.


2. Document Organizers – The most precious information about you is packaged small. You guessed it right. You cannot afford to misplace your travel documents –passport, ID cards or the credit card. Get yourself a document organizer that also doubles as a wallet. Peace of mind and no searching every pocket to flash your identity!


3. Safety & Security – Remember prevention is always better than cure. There is no point crying later. When in a new place, new surroundings you could be in for a lot of not so pleasant surprises and yes I do mean a few “thugs of the other land”. Secure your bags with digital password enabled lockers and buckles.


4. Emergency Medicine Bag- A quick research should let you know that medicines are expensive outside home. What’s more important to tell you is that you wouldn’t want to be ruining your travel in running around, looking for those miracle pills. Stock sufficient medicines for emergency care and ensure you have a separate bag for it that’s handy.


5. Tech and Gadgets- The tech savvy generation and globe trotters, we hear you! We know how much you love your phones, music and all other accessories. Goes without saying, carry those travel adapters, phone USB holders, earphones protectors to help you enjoy and unwind in your vacay for a longer time.


Just in case I missed out the water bottles, crunchy snacks and some pain relief balm, be rest assured we truly understand you. Lock, stock, binge and enjoy your trip.